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Day 4 of this Americans 9 day experience

SouthernGemini Profile Pictures: 3
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#1 | Posted: 15 May 2014 21:09 | Edited by: SouthernGemini
I'm in Riga from May 12th-May 21st and so far it has been pleasant. Here is some first hand advice.

I got here 4 days earlier than a friend of mine and to save money and see a slightly different part of Riga, I got a flat near the corner of Satekles and Dzirnavu. Only a 10 walk from Old Town, I got an efficiency apt with clothes washer, microwave, etc for just under $70 a night, all taxes, process fees included. I like the area and appears safe.

I have spent about 8 hours walking through ALL of Central Market except for the fish area. The smell was too strong. I bought sour cream, cottage cheese and various foods I do not know what they are called.

I found a great radio station: Riga Radio 94.5 It's a 'chill' station and I have had it on for almost 30 hours straight. To listen somewhere in the world I tried to put in a link but I am not allowed. Search for Riga Radio 94.5 and choose the 'tunein' url. It worked for me every time.

Everyone I have met has been kind. I am not here to 'hook up' but to enjoy the area. I look everyone in the eyes b/c home in New Orleans, LA most people have dark eyes. Not here. I find it fascinating. If a woman fancies me then who knows but I am 42 and relations are better if our minds 'click'. That takes a little time.

Tomorrow when my friend arrives we will have a flat in Old Town. Even though it is the 'tourist' thing to do, you only live once. Cost is $85 a night which I find reasonable.

I will run the 10k portion of the Freedom Run May 18th through the streets of Riga. Looking forward to meeting other runners and healthy type people. More to come.
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Let me be honest: I am feeling not enough :)

yuta Profile Pictures: 2
Female Lady Blady 
#2 | Posted: 20 May 2014 15:32
Welcome to Riga, and thanks for your feedback

I hope you were survived after the Freedom Run. I've heard there were at least 22 persons injured during this event. It was abnormal heat outside i.e. about +25°C and I wonder why these runs should complete in May. Autumn (September or even late August) would be more proper time - there is no such heat which makes the running process unhealthy. As you may know, the current Mayor of Riga Nils Ushakovs was hospitalized to Germany a few years ago after unsuccessful running - in the last 100 meters he lost the consciousness and was in coma for a few days.

Well, mostly all Baltic people may have green eyes, so here you go
SouthernGemini Profile Pictures: 3
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#3 | Posted: 20 May 2014 20:45
Hello Yuta,

Yes the heat was not bad at all. I'm from New Orleans and I am used to heat much worse. The cold however is a different story. You Baltic specimens are superior to me in that respect. I have done maybe 70 runs and the Freedom Run is in the top 10 runs for me. All people were great, there were bands playing, the route was pleasant... I suggest to all visitors who are interested in at least seeing what the action is all about to do so. I would like to do it again one year. Maybe if I lovely Latvia girl wins my heart.

Most have green eyes? No one told the women on my trip so far. I grew fond of the pleasant lady at the information booth near Central Market. Not only did she smile, make jokes and give good information, I caught myself staring at her lovely blue eyes.

Today I went to Jurmala via train. It is a bit early in the season so did some walking around but that was all. Lovely area though.

Today I went to the Bourse Museum and viewed the exhibit on Latvian artist Vija Celmins. I had not heard of her before.

As tonight is my last night I conclude Latvian's are just as friendly as I had hoped. Being part Latvian, I held high expectations and I have been pleased.
Male Forums Member 
#4 | Posted: 18 Jun 2014 00:41
Interesting! Thanks southern. Will see the city for the first time tomorrow am in the same boat, will post some feedback
#5 | Posted: 20 Jun 2014 18:28
I've noticed girls in Latvia are mixed by eyes color. Few of them could have even various colors in eyes! They have blue, green and brown eye colors as dominant.So,you could meet any girl of any eyes color (still didn't met with Yellow Cat ;)
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